Monday, May 26, 2008

Word Composition Tagalog And Cebuano

Where, When, Who, What and Why

Saan (where)
Example sentence:
Saan ka nakatira? (Where do you live?)

Kailan (when)
Example sentence:
Kailan ang iyong kaarawan? (When is you birthday?)

Sino (who)
Example sentence:
Sino ang iyong ama/ina? (Who is you father/mother?)

Ano (what)
Example sentence:
Ano ang paborito mong kulay? (What is your favorite color?)

Bakit (why)
Bat nandito ka? (Why are you here?)

Asa (where)
Example sentence: Asa ka mo adto? (Where you will go?)

Kanus-a (when)
Example sentence:Kanus-a imong adlaw na natawhan? (When is your birthday?)

Kinsa (who)
Example sentence:
Kinsa imong amahan/inahan? (Who is your father/mother?)

Unsa (what)
Example sentence:
Unsa imong ganahan na kolor? (What is your favorite color?)

Ngano (why)
Example sentence:
Nganong naa ka diri? (Why are you here?)

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